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Free 1-Page CV Creator

Welcome to our 1-Page CV Creator!

This FREE 1-Page CV Creator tool is created especially for those who have trouble to create a simple and powerful 1-Page CV. Yet a 1-Page CV is often exactly what you need to make. Most HR ladies and gentlemen will appreciate you for keeping your information short and to the point. Follow the next steps and you will have your CV ready in under 30 minutes.

Note: This Free 1-Page CV Creator is designed for a full screen desktop editor.

Before you start: Profit from our Free CV Advise & Job Application Tips!

  • Click one of the templates and open in your editor (or create your own). Feel free to edit and modify as much as you want!
  • Add text, icons and elements to your CV. You can modify and edit by selecting blocks or text to set colors, fonts etc.
  • Save your 1-Page CV as a PDF and click CTRL+LOGO on the bottom of your CV to send us your result.
  • Share 1-Page CV Creator with your Friends!

That’s how easy this is!


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Icon Set for 1-Page CV Creator

Download here your (extended) Icon Set for 1-Page CV Creator and make your CV look perfect!

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