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FREE CV Advise

Why Free CV Advise? Did you ever wonder why you did not get that job? You know the situation where you really need to pay the rent, but unfortunately: wrong experience, overqualified, will get bored, not for long-term: REJECTED! Too many good people miss out on jobs they can do and often just because their CV is not relevant and focussed. We are happy to share our experience and assist with your application. Our FREE CV Advise is primarily targetted at entry level position applications in the (customer) service industry. If you require more custom advise, just contact us.

FREE CV Advise

CV 2.0 – A Short and Powerful Relevancy Presentation

When you find work you could do, your first question should be: Why me, why should any employer hire me? There are many candidates looking for work, so companies can be very picky about who they hire. And recruiters have to be picky because they need to protect their quality, teams and results. Companies will hire those candidates that answer best to the job description, company culture and needs. So why you? Because you answer to the job description!

A lot of people still think a CV should be an integral, chronological overview of your entire life and career. In the past this was normal as you would show character building through your CV. This has changed: Jobs are tasks, CVs are short and character impressions, if needed, are obtained in interviews. Recruiters have limited time to invest in each candidate and for this reason would really like to focus on what is important. Therefore your focus should be to meet the job requirements and explain what, how and when you have met those requirements. Short and simple. The rest of your life and career can be discussed during an interview, on the workfloor or possibly not at all.

Many candidates make one CV and use this CV for all their applications. Recruiters will see through this and this is not in your advantage. This practise was acceptable in the 80s and 90s, but in today’s customised and personalised world, this does not work anymore, anywhere. Create a custom, focussed, relevancy CV and you already have one foot in the door.

Time for your CV 2.0 – a short and powerful relevancy CV!

Your Advertisement of You

It is good to realize that applying for a job is a multi-step process. After your CV is accepted, you will be contacted for further assessment. During the assessment is your opportunity to share more information about yourself. Therefore your CV does not need to include everything that you know and did. It makes more sense to consider your CV as an invitation to learn more about you.

All job descriptions are different, in other words: candidates that get noticed, will create a custom CV for each application. A good CV answers the demand and raises interest to get in contact with you. Your CV is Your Advertisement of You!

Active Sharing vs. Passive Sharing

You share more than you might think, therefore what and how you share requires some attention. What you publish in your CV is active sharing. What recruiters can find on you on the internet is passive sharing. Active sharing you have control over, but passive sharing can still get you in trouble.

Take into consideration that recruiters – more than before – research your private online activities. You can send in a perfect CV, but what about that one embarrassing picture years ago? Yes, it is still online. Be aware of your online information. Take control and turn passive sharing into active sharing to your benefit! What to do? Protect your passive sharing by changing privacy settings to friends only, untag yourself where needed, research yourself and correct what is not beneficial.

Support your application with active sharing by creating a useful online profile. For example, your list as a hobby that you like sailing, great, post a picture of yourself in a sailing boat. This supports the claim in your CV and at the same time makes the rest of your presentation more credible.

Customise for Focus

When composing your CV 2.0: less is more. Your CV should answer the requirements and not much else. It is in your interest to have the recruiter focus on the relevant information that can get you the job. Compose a CV with details the recruiter needs to know and you will get their focus. Any unrelated information distracts from your application and can raise unnecessary questions. Compare composing a CV to cooking: you fill the work table with the ingredients and instruments you need, not with everything you have in your fridge and cupboards.

Our Advise

The word advise means a suggestion for a beneficial course of action. So beneficial to the candidate and the employer you want to work for! Our experts have seen 1000s of CVs over the years. We have witnessed how companies changed methods to review profiles. We have seen succesful candidates, but unfortunately much more unsuccesful candidates. Were these bad candidates? No, not at all. These candidates had excellent skills. Everybody has excellent skills! The difference is how you communicate your strong points. We are happy to assist you to identify your strong points and bring them forward!

What can we check?

Now with these CV Advise Tips, our Job Application Tips and our FREE 1-Page CV Creator you basically have all you need to create a successful presentation. Nevertheless our Team can still assist you as your last check of your CV:

Consistency: Is your CV possible?
Credibility: Does your story make sense?
Relevancy: Is your information relevant for the job requirements?
Details: Did you list all your contact details?
Prospect: Will you stay long-term?
Presentation: Lay-out, word choice, grammar, photo?
Content: Did you answer the job requirements?

Examples ‘gone wrong’

You list MS Office as a skill, but your lay out does not look good.
You do not use any/enough words from the job requirements.
You apply for Customer Service, but you do not highlight your customer experience.
You rate your English as excellent, but there are mistakes.
You list languages at professional level, but you have not worked and/or lived in the country of your languages.
You list unrelated work experiences.
Your CV does not list the skills required for the position.
You have more skills than the director of the company.
You list your academic achievements and publications for an entry level position.
Your CV is 4 pages long with 90% information unrelated to the job description.
Your work experience descriptions are too long or not focussed.
Your work experience lists director, manager, CEO, owner-director.
You list too many work experiences in a short period.
Your work experience starts with your paper route when you were 16.
Your CV shows that you will not stay long (eg. you have your own business on the side).
Your online profile shows you are really not the person in the CV.
Your CV shows no focus on what you apply for.

What can you expect?

In relation to the opening you apply for:
We can check Relevancy vs. Job Requirements.
We can check Job Requirements vs. Word Choice.
We can check Credibility vs. Skills.
We can check Motivation vs. Credibility.
We can advise on the overall lay out of the CV.

Based upon this check we will send you a personal advise for your CV.

Our tip

Keep in mind our explanation and with that create a great custom CV. Make sure the content is relevant, meets the requirements and avoid distractions. For this you can your use our FREE 1-Page CV Creator or make your own.

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If you have any questions for us or you are looking for advise, just send in your application: info@careersineurope.eu.