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Start Up Bonus Program 2018

Start Up Bonus Program 2018

Get a Start Up Bonus with your new Job and share with friends for their new Job and Start Up Bonus!

Join our Start Up Bonus Program 2018!

What makes accepting a job in a new location difficult is to cover your relocation expenses in the first month. We listened to your feedback and that is why we offer a Start Up Bonus for all EU applicants. Together let us help you and as many friends as possible to start a new job in a new location!

Our Start Up Bonus Program 2018 is here for you: all EU Job Seekers who start a job through CareersinEurope.eu will receive a Start Up Bonus on top!

Do you have friends who could use a job and a bonus? Inform as many as you can!

How does it work?

  1. You apply for a position on CareersinEurope.eu
  2. Your application will be treated by our team
  3. We introduce you to your job possibilities
  4. You accept a new job in Europe
  5. Within the first two weeks after arrival you receive your Start Up Bonus*!
  6. You sign for receipt, write a comment on our site and SHARE with your friends!

    *Rules apply, see below!

Start Up Bonus Program 2018 Terms and Conditions:

Participation with the Start Up Bonus Program 2018 is strictly voluntary, applicants who do not wish to participate decline their participation in writing to us.

People who participate for the Start Up Bonus Program 2018 will be compliant if they:

  • Apply with Careers in Europe (any job posted on Careers in Europe with our logo) for the first time between January 1st 2018 and Januari 1st 2019
  • Start a job before March 1st 2019
  • Have an EU nationality or valid work permit for the country you apply for
  • When filling our General Questionnaire form, answer the question: "How did you hear about us?" with "Start Up Bonus Program"
  • Start a job through Careers in Europe
  • Should not have left the employer during the first 2-week period after starting
  • Additional information, jobs and new locations will be communicated upon request and/or via the official Careers in Europe Facebook page

Available jobs for the Start Up Bonus 2018 Program:

All jobs with the Careers in Europe puppet logo, if you have doubts, please contact us.

Start Up Bonus Program 2018 Administration Terms:

  • Send us a valid SEPA/ IBAN account during the first week of employment (to receive the bonus)
  • The bonus is 300 EUR for starting a job in Ireland or the UK and 200 EUR for any other location (e.g. Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland)
  • Careers in Europe does not cover bank fees for receipt
  • The receiver of the bonus is responsible for any taxation, if applicable in their location
  • You can expect your Start Up Bonus 2018 within the first 2 weeks after the confirmed start of your new employment
  • Both you and your new employer confirm your start of employment to our team
  • You send us back a signed receipt (we will provide it)
  • No disputes possible

If you have any questions, start a chat with us or send your email to: recruitment@careersineurope.eu